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Our Approach


At Rik and Ralph we with our clients to define a strategy for your brand growth. Our approach is based on analysis of your customers, competitors, trends and industry situation to define your market positioning.


Taking on the findings from the initial brand strategy stage, our team will define, design and develop websites, eCommerce platforms, digital campaigns and branding to elevate your customer experience, driving results.


Our growth strategies are developed using a data centric approach by analysing internal and external findings to drive decision making, define benchmarks, to uncover consumer behaviour patterns.


The team will develop a comprehensive tailored long-term growth strategy to include an Omni-channel approach defined by brand objectives, vision and key business goals.

Artisan Candle Co

An Australian boutique specialty candle brand seeking brand strategy and design development services.


A Sydney premium eyewear brand requiring Magento development and technical support to support their DTC and B2B strategy.

Tea Forte 

A premium international tea brand offering an extensive range of handcrafted luxury tea blends comprising of ingredients sourced from the finest ingredients internationally.


A dynamic new age quantitative trading fund for the digital asset sector.

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