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The Coffeeshop


The Coffeeshop offers a selection of quality Australian Coffee Brands and European machinery for your home, which are crafted with quality at the front of mind. We worked collaboratively with the brand to launch into the market, by implementing end-to-end digital services. The process started with market research to develop a brand positioning strategy, informing the design and development of a customised Shopify development.


Brand Strategy Development, User Interface & User Experience Design, Custom Shopify Development, Responsive Design, Creative Direction, Custom 3D Renders, Custom 3D Animations, Photography, Google Package Integration, Meta Eco System Setup and Remarketing, Klaviyo Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

My Perfect Coffee Match

Placing the customer experience at the centre of the user experience journey, ‘My Perfect Match’ was developed to allow customers to find their ideal coffee match based on the six brand profiles. Based on the notion that each brand has a unique personality, the coffee quiz allows customers to match their interests and coffee experience to the perfectly suited product.

3D Product Renders & Animations

For The Coffeeshop we created ultra photorealistic 3D product renders to elevate the website to a new level. A range of studio shots and custom 3D animations were created, achieving perfectly consistent shots across the entire website. As a digital-first brand, the 3D animations elevate the customer experience and build brand desirability to allow the user to view the product from multiple angles, resulting in improved buyer confidence and conversion.


Lifestyle product photography was developed to build brand desirability by telling the story of each brand and aligning the narrative to the user’s values and aspirations. This emotional connection between the brand and the customer humanises the product forging deeper connections and fostering brand loyalty.

Rik and Ralph developed the creative direction for individual photoshoots to capture the essence and unique personality of each coffee brand. The photoshoots took place in iconic Australian locations including Falls Creek, The Dandenong Ranges, and various National Parks in Tasmania.

Responsive Design

With approximately 62 per cent of Australia’s population shopping on a mobile, it is essential for any digital brand strategy wanting to modernise to clearly communicate, engage, and educate your visitors on a variety of devices. The Coffeeshop user experience has been designed with responsiveness across a range of devices including effective delivery of content across mobiles and tablets, to engage the customer across multiple touch points across the platform for effective conversion and user experience.


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