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ARTISAN CANDLE CO is an Australian brand focusing on the craftsmanship of bespoke candles inspired by nature. The brand provides customers with a unique range of  hand poured candles, specifically designed using premium fragrance oils to complimenting the Australian landscape.


Brand Positioning, Brand Visual Identify Design, Brand Voice, Packaging Design, Copywriting.


Rik and Ralph collaborated with ARTISAN CANDLE CO to form the brand strategy and positioning for the business, visual guidelines and packaging design to launch the brand into the Australian market. The brand continues to work with Rik and Ralph for the next phase in their brand journey.


To be developed in late 2023


The team at Rik and Ralph took the time to listen and understand what we wanted to build and communicate to the market. Working with Rik and Ralph team to build the brand guidelines and identity gave us the confidence to move forward and take our brand to the next level.

Penny Hubbard – Founder of Artisan Candle Co

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