Today we are becoming more and more time poor, impatient and faced with a high volume of noise from different sources than ever before. Therefore, the importance of being able to stand out and grab the attention of the busy consumer is pivotal for survival in this highly competitive, ever changing, technology driven marketplace.

For survival we need to have a unique selling proposition sharing with our audience an authentic story which they can engage on a deeper level and connect with. To succeed brands, need to unfold their unique stories which will give the customer insight into the identity of your brand. The narrative of the story must not only create a deep emotional attachment but must also clearly define the value to the customer as to why they should invest their hard earned time and money into your brand’s product or service offering over another brand who is just as hungry for the time and financial investment of that same customer.

For centuries humans have been sharing stories to shape our identity and make sense of the world around us. Today the power of storytelling is much more powerful to engage audiences and create a movement with tools such as 360-degree video we can better understand the narrative through the merging of the roles of listening and the storyteller. Unfolding our understanding of stories, will help us to become better storytellers for our customer regardless of the digital channel we choose. 

Good stories not only create a connection, they also create familiarity, trust and engage the listener to be open to learn as they are usually easy to remember. 

Storytelling is way to educate, share and connect and provides us the ability to continuously learnHere at Rik and Ralph, we wanted to build a one stop platform to help small to medium owners with digital marketing needs. We are here to listen and help you unearth the unique story behind you. In this competitive marketplace unfortunately too many brands are being lost in the noise, ensure that this is not your story, contact us today and will provide you the support to stand out and have a purpose which reaches and engages your ideal customer.