The health, economic, commercial, and financial impact of COVID-19 pandemic has led to devastation around the world with the number of deaths and infection increasing daily. All of us around the world has been affected to some degree by this pandemic.  The increasing uncertainty is causing more Australians to be anxious about their financial security rather than on their own health.  The current lockdown regulations have unfortunately led to the closure of many businesses throughout Australia. With this level of volatility in the marketplace more than ever it is important businesses are visible and are not isolating themselves. For survival, businesses need to be more resilient and quickly adapt to ensure they are not another fatality of the 2020 pandemic.

Let’s have a look at the brands who have quickly adapted their strategies in response.


Uber eats are working closing with its local partners across Australia and New Zealand to deliver 25,000 meals to frontline workers. The meal will be delivered to GP’s, nurses, emergency practitioners and those who are actively working in the medical field during COVID-19.

Other initiatives undertaken by Uber include making a $5million fund for restaurants to implement promotions to entice customers and assist local businesses with sales. Furthermore, to support continual cashflow for small businesses the company is allowing for daily payment rather than the usual weekly payments during the pandemic.

Uber Eats are making a strong stance and ensuring they are visible during this time by providing support to its struggling partners and hardworking front-line workers by giving back and implementing initiatives that will generate a positive social image in the minds of consumers.


Melbourne based gin brand, Four Pillars like other brands has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand has used their skills and resources to diversify its product offering to meet the growing demand of the market. Four Pillars has produced its own hand sanitizers called Heads, Tails and Clean Hands which is available for sale to the general public in addition to increasing production of the simple hand sanitizer for healthcare professionals working to fight against the pandemic.

Four Pillars has clearly identified that they have the required skills and resources to meet the growing demand for an essential product and diversified their offering to ensure the brand picks up new business due to lack of demand for traditional offering due to the impact of COVID-19.


The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has led to the closure of many brick and mortar distribution channels which has led to the reliance on brands directing consumers to ecommerce sites. During this time, it is essential brands engage with their audience and provide transparency and continuous communication regarding impacted operational activity to protect employees and customers. Leading luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. have used their online platforms to effectively communicate to the general public of the temporally store closures and have directed customers to the ecommerce platforms via send direct mailout to notify their customer database and social posting to generate awareness among the general public.

For brands to survive the pandemic it is essential to find ways to adapt and communicate with customers and be front of mind. With increased engagement online, now might be the time to consider transitioning to a 360-digital strategy from ecommerce, social posting to electronic direct mail outs. Contact us today for a free consultation on finding tailored solutions for your brand.